Dancing On The Charles

I’m pretty much at a loss for words for what happened on Satuday nite. All I can say is a HUGE THANK YOU to all the Boston people that made DOTC 2 such an unbelievable party. Can’t wait for August 25th!

Once again Yubi captured it with some dopedope photos that you can check here.


  1. Sean says:

    Why would you invite all these extra people and only take pics of your buddies. No wonder We all felt like this was some wack elitist college yuppy wanna be new yorker shit. I’ll pass next time

  2. djelyte says:

    dear sean,

    i am so sorry there are no pictures of you in Yubi’s photoset. how could we have been so inconsiderate as to only take pictures of our friends. next time we’ll make sure to take pictures of every single person at the party for sure.

    WAIT. nevermind. i don’t care what you think about anything Sean. You probably are ugly and weird and that’s why there’s no pictures of you and your ugly and weird friends! and with an attitude like yours we’re glad that you won’t be showing up to the next party.


  3. […] In July we podcasted and posted pics from Monaco & Monegros, did one of our best ROOTS&FUTUREs on Hollis P. Monroe and went crazy at D.O.T.C.2. […]

  4. caser says:

    hahahahahaha. tell ’em whats up e!